What To Know Before Installing Home Solar Panels

Adding a solar power system to your home is a great way to reduce your monthly energy bill, add to the value of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint. On average, you can save $80 a month on electricity by installing solar panels onto the roof of a three bedroom home. Surplus energy can even be sold to utility companies, which usually need to meet a sustainable energy quota. Before you rush into this process, there are a few key points to consider that will help you decide if investing in solar panels is the right decision for you.

Initial Expense

Until the past decade, solar panels were prohibitively expensive for the average person. But recently, mass production and better manufacturing methods have made the cost more affordable. To fully cover the electricity requirements of an average home, it will take an investment of $10,000 to $20,000. However, the government offers substantial subsidies to homeowners that can significantly defray this expense. Also, excess energy will be put back into the power grid and the utility will compensate the homeowner. As an alternative to purchasing your own panels, many companies offer solar panels on a rental basis. The company installs and maintains the panels, while charging a monthly fee. This saves the homeowner from the large initial expense.


Ideal Conditions

To make the most of solar panels, your home should have a lot of direct exposure to sunlight. Nearby hills and trees that shade your home will reduce the amount of power generated. The weather and amount of daylight your area receives should also be factored in. The amount of sunlight an area receives is referred to as an insolation rating. Most areas of Australia have a very high insolation rating, making Solar power systems in Perth ideal.


Solar panels require virtually no maintenance. Aside from casually checking to make sure everything is working properly, the only real job will be keeping the panels clean. Spraying them down with a regular hose will do this job well, and can be done from the ground for roof mounted panels.

The modest initial investment of purchase and installation of solar panels pays for itself through lower energy bills and added value to your home. Contact the Solar E Company nearest you to learn about your options for home solar energy.